Experience goat yoga on the historic Nittany Meadow Farm, conveniently located in Boalsburg, just minutes from Penn State and State College! We offer Happy Valley's first and only goat yoga classes. Join the fun! Registration is required. 

Class Schedule


  • Public goat yoga classes are done until March! Check back for our spring schedule. 

  • Don't see any open classes? Join our goat yoga waitlist to be emailed about class openings and future classes. 

  • We offer private goat yoga classes for groupsbirthdays, bachelorette parties, sports teams, team building or groups of friends! We require a minimum of 20 participants to hold a private class and participants must be 18 years of age or older. The private class includes 30 minutes of goat yoga and 30 minutes of goat snuggles, play and pictures. NOTE: We are fully booked for private classes this fall. Please email us to book for spring beginning in March:

  • Want to spend time with the goats but don't want to do yoga? Schedule a goat visit!

  • Want the goats to come to your home or office? Book the goat bus!

  • Refunds are not issued and transfers to another class are not made if a participant cancels or does not show up for their scheduled class. 

Each goat yoga session is 30 minutes and lead by a yoga teacher from Wellness in Motion Studio. The remaining 30 minutes will be for goat snuggles, playing and selfies. Classes will be held rain or shine! If it's raining or cold we'll be in the top of the barn (there is some heat in the barnwe suggest laying so you can remove layers as you warm up). 

Cost: $15 per person, limited to the first 30 people to sign up. Participants must be 18 years of age or older, unless a Mommy & Me class (Adult must be 18, child must be 7 years of age or older. One child permitted with one adult).

Location: Nittany Meadow Farm - 227 Nittany Meadow Farm Lane, Boalsburg. Follow the signs for parking around the barn. Plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to beginning of class.

Beginners are welcome! Please bring a yoga mat or towel and be ready to have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is goat yoga?

Goat yoga, affectionately known as goga, is just as it sounds--practicing yoga while several cute and cuddly goats run around and jump on you. It probably won't be the most focused yoga class that you've tried, but it will be fun and memorable!

How do I register for goat yoga?

Complete the registration form above for the date that you'd like to participate.


Do I have to do yoga?

No, some people prefer to sit on their mat and snuggle goats. We ask that anyone not participating in yoga remain on their mat until the class is over. 


Where does goat yoga take place?

In warm weather, goat yoga is held in a grassy area near the barn. There is plenty of room to spread out! If it's raining, we'll move class inside to the top of our barn. During the colder months, we'll be inside the top of the barn.

Will you cancel class if it's raining or cold?

No, we will not cancel. We'll move class inside of our historic barn. Built in 1843, has a large semi-heated space in the top where we can hold classes.

What should I wear to goat yoga?

We suggest dressing comfortably and for the weather. You may get dirty, so we suggest wearing clothes that can get dirty.

Do I need my own yoga mat?

Yes, you will need to bring your own yoga mat or towel. We suggest bringing water too. 


Will the goats poop on my mat?

Occasionally goats will poop on your mat. Fortunately they have small pellets that aren't stinky and can be shaken off easily. Goats are farm animals and are not trained like dogs or cats.


Do the goats bite?

Goats like to nibble. It's possible they will try to nibble on hair, clothes and zippers. They do not intentionally bite. 


Do the goats headbutt?

Sometimes the goats will play and headbutt each other, but not humans. 


Do the goats have horns?

Some do. Most of the goats selected for goat yoga are either polled (born without horns) or disbudded (horns removed shortly after birth). We do have some with horns, but they are very sweet and gentle.

Are children permitted in class?

For certain classes when indicated. Otherwise, classes are for ages 18 and older.

Do you offer refunds?

If we cancel class for unforeseen circumstances, refunds will be issued. Refunds are not issued if participants cancel or do not show up for their scheduled class.

Will you transfer my reservation if I miss class?

We do not offer transfers to another class if a participant cancels or does not show up for their scheduled class.


Do you offer private goat yoga events?

Yes! Please contact us at for more information.